My Portal Network

Hey i know as you probly seen by one my username and the title this is my site i reckon that its worthy!
it not quite done but its nearly is in the next 3 weeks i will be i promis i hope to hear some good remarks about it for i am only 12! (teh he!)

I was looking for a ride to the showcase forum. Mind if I ride along?

um… 404 errors are not what I consider amazing :(, might want a bit more work before the kool site section, and btw, you’re not the only young one on this forum :stuck_out_tongue:

EthanM: Sure I dont mind
Bombingpixples: Yer I Know About The 404 Errors But As I Said It Will Be Fully Functional in 5 weeks (good to know about the other young ones!)

Ok so not sure if you wanted feedback or not, but…

You have 3 scroll bars in your layout. Not including horizontal ones or the LYCOS panel one. Why you have 3 scroll bars I don’t know…

Your Menu is made in flash but does nothing that a .gif and some HTML can do.

Yellow isn;t the most soothing color in the world. If you want people to hang out at your site and spend time I would try a different color, or use it only as an accent color.

You’re also using about 4 different font faces. Choose one and stick with it.

You’re young and have time to learn and practice. Keep working at it and use this forum as a great resource for knowledge.

P.S. Get a real domain name and hosting.


actually the yello (FFFF00) and the light yellow (FFFFCC) are the style the site set in also the reson why some fonts are different is because i only change to the harmony font yesterday and i am actally update all page to the new at the moment in time!
ps i cant pay for hosting or a domain because i am 12!

Well your text on your HTML needs to be Arial, Courier or Times. You’re pretty much limited to that.

And are you telling me that you can’t change those colors?

no there my tm i would take a long time to update 12 sites to a new colour and what are you talking about when you say needs to be arial courier times? explain

You have 12 sites?

I mean the text that is HTML is limited in what it can be as you have to be sure every computer has that font installed. That is my almost all sites are Helvetica,Arial,Sans-Serif.

ahh! i may change it then thanks for you words of wisdon why do u sound suprised when i said 12 sites?

Because I only saw one and am still confused as to what 12 sites you have and what they do.

Well Here The History Of MP
bchs pupil site: got nothing to do with mp but i made it
my portal network: this is the network site this links all the site together
my portal: the webmasters help site
flash me: Flash Tut site
my portal forums: the forums
my portal flash cartoons site: flash cartoons
cool flashz: humor site
cool flashz portal: the cool flashz portal
my portal email: the email host
cool flash email: the c.f. email host
(the oldest one (load of rubbish made when i was 10)is)
state loony bin: other humor site
most of the cf and state loony bin forums are remotly hosted eg proboards
well that was the history leson for today kids!

I’ll put it to ya straight…

Yellow??? Bleh. Trademark or not yellow is not a good dominant color.

Your menu… why is it flash? HTML and gifs could do a better job.

Scroll bars, scroll bars, scroll bars… WHY?

were are these scroll bars (is your screen in 1230x960 )?

please were are these scroll bars? if they are there i will admit defet but i can see them!

tell me!

well i changed the font to arial

Ok these scrollbars are there, your website has to fit in all resolutions and computers, you have a high resolution that most people dont use, most users use 1024 x 768 or 800 x 600 resolutions, so thats why we are seeing your scrollbars as your site is to big for our res.

I suggest you change the colour yellow, its to strong and bright and puts people of looking on the site.

Think about nice graphics for your site, as all i see is blocks of yellow and white colour with black text, ever thought of changing font colour aswell? i dont like black as it is to strong, if i wanted something near to black i would choose a dark grey.

When i go on your site i dont have a clue what it is all about, you need some sort of welcome message on there or some photographs, images to show of what your site is all about, i suggest going for hosting, its banner less and is free!

Hope that helps

The navigation colour do with a sort out aswell, why spend time making a flash navigation when you can do that with javascript and graphics, its just a basic rollover!

Again you said your 12, you can still get domains such as .tk,, they are tacky but it saves people typing in your full address

thanks a lopt mate your a help! brinkster isn’t free though! my site ment to resize it self but i’ll check it out!

i looks fine though on 1024x768 wait while i check the 800x600