My portfolio

Hello people.
I’m new here.
My name is Anderson and I’m from Brasil.
First I’d like to say that this site (Kirupa) is AWESOME.

And I’d like to show you my site.
I finished yesterday.

Please, let me know what you think.

link here


“Mr. Anderson…” [/end Agent Smith Voice] :cool:

Your site is really great.
The use of colors and the background are very nice, so are the transition effects and the overall feel.

It reminds me a bit of 24-7, especially with the ant :wink: Nice job on that by the way.

One last thing… Did you actually take those “New Faces” photographs? Coz if you did… You’re on lucky guy :stunned:

Edit: Ow, and welcome to Kirupa bud!

No man, I don’t take that photographs. One guy send to me and I made the art.
Yeah, I’d love take that photographs.


i like the leave and the ant effect
the navigation(for a regular viewers such as client) is hard to find!

good luck:)

Thanks mansour.


Muito bom Anderson!
Achei o site muito legal, os aplicativos gráficos foram muito bem utilizados em conjunto com o flash. Apenas um detalhe: coloque o foco no campo nome ao abrir formulário pra contato.

E bem vindo ao forum!
Claudio :beam:

[edit] em news & updates, há um erro. O correto seria Menção Honrosa.
E também: Ainda faltam as manipulações.[/edit]

Valeu Claudio.
Vou dar uma olhada no foco.
Já atualizei a MENÇÃO e FALTAM. Valeu. Nem tinha percebido.


De nada Anderson :wink: