My Research on Sacrifice: Was Ishmael or Isaac taken for Sacrifice by Abraham?

Judaism, Christianity and Islam are all variations of the same basic religion. All believe in one God and that Adam was the first man. All have essentially the same line of prophets. All recognize the traditions contained in what is known as the Book of Genesis of the Bible. Almost all of the stories of the Book of Genesis are recounted in the Koran. The differences between them are small, almost infinitesimal. Yet, these small differences form the major gap, which separates these religions.The biggest gulf between the Bible, the Torah and the Koran comes in the Story of Abraham, where Abraham took his son up the mountain to be sacrificed. All three books tell almost exactly the same story. There is only one significant difference: The Bible and the Torah say that Abraham took his younger son, Isaac, to be sacrificed. The Koran says that Abraham took his elder son, Ishmael, to be sacrificed. Which is correct? Which is wrong?
The difference is vital from the Jewish point of view. The Jews claim that, as a result, Isaac and his descendants are heirs to the entire land of Canaan. The Muslims also find this difference to be vital, but for different reasons.
It can be demonstrably proven from the Bible itself that Ishmael, and not Isaac, was the son to be sacrificed, as follows:

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