My site []
long time friend of kirupa.
wanted to submit my site, & give it a shot. thanks guys!

Awesome Site…

The only thing that I noticed was that the audio track doesn’t loop smoothly.

I found the site very nice. I love the buttons, they are great. The loading transitions are awesome also.

I had no problems with the music player and everything ran smoothly without lagging. Definitely a plus.

Nice sleek layout and simple desing. Easy to navigate. I likes…I likes…

The only thing is that your Flash experiments look exactly like some of the things I have seen on , but it does say experiments, so I guess I can’t complain. A few of the flash things I did were inspired by other sites.

they were all inspired by other sites
but totally made by me. i just made them to see if i could or not
appreciate the comments guys.:rambo:

Very nice work:)

ur splash page looks completely like billybussey… but u’ve got a really neat and original site inside!!

yeah i know about the splash :frowning: i dont know what to do. every time i think of something it comes out like a bowl of suck.
look at my first versions splash
at least its original

Ouh… Great job, man. I like it very much. Very clean design and transitions.

About the experiments, I see that you have a nice hairy grid… [SIZE=1]did anybody say grid?[/SIZE]

If you don’t get the Award, kick Kirupa for me.

pom :asian:

what do you say kirupa?=)

That award should go straight to you!

Love the design… but as mentioned, the splash… :stuck_out_tongue: The first thing That came to mind when i saw it was “BILLY”… lol

REALLY like this site… especially the transitions…!

Nice work! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep, you are the SOTW :slight_smile: How could I not give the award to you…esp after the times you asked me via AIM lol.

Here are the links for the graphics if you need them:

Kirupa :rambo:



Congrats! Very deserving site.

Yep, totally deserved.

pom =)

sorry my connection has been acting up.
anyway. im here.
im so glad i got sotw. woo! thanks alot guys. im here to stat at this forum. you guys are cool.

I cannot access your URL…

The server is probably down for a little bit.

my hosting service is the worst in history. 20% downtime at least.:pirate:
nevertheless its up now!

Sup no-tec,

I’m used to seeing you in the BB forum, usually being an arse to me but oh well I’m a mod but it doesn’t mean I abuse my powers. Nice site by the way but I think I have told you already!