My site

Hey guys this is my site its not finished yet, but how does it look so far?

AnDroids Universe

Looks nice so far! :slight_smile:
Good, in fact!
Q: do you really need/want to lad 500k ! of music?

its good! really good!

i love the 3D walking model thing!.. i really do

well done… but the 500k of music, now that pretty much sucks if ya on a slow connection!

Thanks for the feedback guys, i’m trying to figure out how to make the music smaller without ruining the quality, its still under construction this is my first site in flash i’m still new = [

really cool site, It seems you’ve redone the music to make it smaller…good. One thing got me, and it’s minor, the white text was a bit harsh for some reason, but it’s minor…i guess thet only thing i would say possibly add some color. your theme is scifi-ish, and seeing as I’m into that too I’d like to see some 3d stuff :slight_smile:

Ya i changed it around guys new music new splash check it out! thanks!,

Hey, you know me (quiksilver1101)! Can you put my site on your links to other peoples sites??
It is just a thought :slight_smile: