My website

Hello kirupa i’m a big fan. I’d like to submit my site for the sotw i hope its good enough, heres the url. \r\rAndroids Universe\rAnd my e-mail is…\r [email][email protected][/email] \rThanks!

you put 2 .com’s

AnDroids Universe\r \r\rsorry about that.


I fixed the 500k music problem its now only 44kb enjoy = ]

I don’t think it’s normal if I get the main window far right ??\rOtherwise, vey nice site. GReat design skills, android. I hope you’ll get the award.\r\rpom 0]

Hey guys did some minor changes to the site enjoy = ]

Hey Andrew,\rThe site is really cool. I really liked your site, and the guestbook feature is simply great! You added an extra .com in your original post, but it’s ok lol.\r\rHave you considered using some really cool background images in the middle of your animation? That might make it look even better :slight_smile: Also, try messing around with a few more colors; Flash is great for adding color to animations!\r\rAll in all, your site is really cool. With just a few more minor tweaks, I’m sure you will be on your way to a SOTW in no time :slight_smile: \r\rCheers,\rKirupa

Sweet! Hey can you tell me the font you used for your links and where you got it? Thanks. Again sweet site.\r\rsofaking9999

music is taken from linkin park and is therefore illegal… i say this for you to fix before someone else realizes it, not as a jerk, but to be helpful. i asked them for rights to a song before and they said they dont do that [record label that is].\r\rproblems:\rclick the play button more than once… hear four or five or however many songs at once? might have to click stop then play first to get it working like this.\r\rthis is more weird than anything… when i got into your site the URL said and… not www.and… but your splash screen has www… in it. heh i dunno THAT much bout flash but why wouldn’t u use www as the url? this is a question i guess… is it better to use [url=“http://and…”]and… or www.and ? i just thought of this so oh well =] \r\rlikes:\rthe design is clean and professional…\r\ryou can try writing linkin park an email or their record label for the rights… hell who knows… u might get them.