My sterograph test

cross your eyes. i made it in 3ds max. except for the black little logo.

Awesome! :stuck_out_tongue:

Neat little trick huh vts? :slight_smile:

i did it with paper a while ago.

I made Anaglyphs some years back with red and blue pens…

Then I went and lost my red/blue anaglyph glasses… (d*mn)…

I had to hurt my eyes for 10 minutes to see that one… Very nice :slight_smile:

whats the diff?

cross yer eyes mdipi :slight_smile:

Merge the two pictures with the power of offkey eyemovement :crazy:

Makes the purdy pictures go 3d… :stuck_out_tongue:

another one… :slight_smile:


Hey vts, the box looks ok, but what’s going on with that white smokey thing?