My Zune Review

Nothing to revolutionary here. But it did remind me of my Creative Zen s I elected to get a white one. But it does have a slight “ipod-ish” look. Took me a sec to find that the on-off button is actually the play/pause button as well. It’s not those pressure sensitive buttons like the Zen and Ipod, which is ok with me. The size is pretty big but the weight is not. I thought it was going to be heavier than it was.

The big screen is really really nice. Sharp and crisp. Pretty much views alot like the PSP. I watched a few videos on it and surprisingly I didnt have to strain. You can view wide screen vids on it too. The beaming thing is pretty tight. My wife got one as well and I was able to beam songs to her and vice versa. I think it works with pictures too. You can stream files between your XBOX as well. I can actually see myself using my zune to carry around pictures and portfolio pieces to show potential clients and clients.

A big part of mp3 player life is spent in the gym with me. I worked out in it and it did well. No skipping and it played well. It looked rather large on my arm as it did get a few stares, but my arm is big so I am cool with it. if you have a skinny arm I wouldnt use it :lol: as it could eclipse your muscle. I shot a few shots on the court in it too. No skips. Battery life is pretty good too. I think I got around 6hrs or so before I recharged it. Charges pretty fast. Kinda sucks that it didnt not come with a AC or a car car charger. not a big fan of the organizer software. Cant really put my finger on why yet. but it just seems to be overwhelming at first. But you do see thumbnails of your library items.

The buttons. Kinda got irritating that the button kept getting pressed on accident all the time, so I had to use the lock button
Size. It is kinda big, but the screen real estate and viewing options make it well worth it. SO it is not really a con, but then again it is…:lol:
Accessories. Didnt come with a AC charger…bah. And there arent too many places to get accessories at the moment. But its new so its expected.

So far I am really satisfied and impressed. We dont really know what the future holds so I did get the extended replacement warranty :beam: . But I think Micrososft hit another home run with this one. I am really enjoying it and it has features no other device has right now and I can actually see myself using them.

Id have to say 4.5 out of 5 stars.