Name the State of the Union that

CA is way toooooo PC for this…

maybe Wyoming…


okay, I cheated…
but I found this hint:

Trail Information: Start low, do 3 levels of love,end high, if you’re smart you’ll park in the middle and refuel along the way. This is probably locals only knowledge as I may be the only local that does this run besides my dog and my girlfriend. 3 different loops all about 1.5 miles in length, that are connected by a corridor that climbs in elevation. Total distance= 6-16miles depending on how you slice it.

interesting, huh?


yes I was, but I was really surprised by:

“Start low, do 3 levels of love,end high, if you’re smart you’ll park in the middle and refuel along the way.”



I thought you already promised not to take pictures in my font yard again?

hmm interesting
i would guess boston since fester cracked he joke, but… im not to sure
my guess would be something in the south were always the freeking rebels

maybe south carolina

no one is ever gonna guess this lol
i looked it up and i was like:o

I’d have to guess Michigan. Michigan is the state with the city named Hell, so this park would be a perfect match :).

utah?? I had to guess so I can go look it up

:: hurries to yahoo ::


45 states left

Idaho maybe? They have hell’s canyon there so it’s fitting…ish

Idaho was spelled correctly. There are no hoes in Idaho. Except the ones we use on potoatoes.



The rain on the lens reminds me of home… odd as that may sound.

Phil I said Hawaii not Utah???


I got that where in the world on right too Phil. Just admit it, you’ve finally met your match. :mad:


I am no cheating scoundrel, good sir. My love for Thoriphes is completely irrelevant to the fact that I have, once again, matched your wits.

Your constant abuse has gone far enough, now kindly leave me alone, good day.

[edit]Rev, what does me wanting to get in her pants have to do with anything?[/edit]

Don’t call me Pal… I still don’t work for a living.

Got it dude?


Gotta bring in the mod powers.

Anywho, I can’t hide my true feelings any longer… I :love: you =)