Navigation buttons

I am pretty new to all of this and have a question that I need help with.

I made a bunch of animated buttons to be used in a nav bar. the buttons are all saved as different files. When I construct the nav bar is there a way to import all the buttons into a larger flash file and use that as the nav bar, or should I just lay each button out in dreamweaver?

any help would be greatly appreciated.


Well what you would want to do if your going to use flash is import all of the buttons into flash and then create a nav bar within flash and attach each button to that nav bar. Once that is done you can then attach the swf file to your dreamweaver document. If you need more specific help reply again.

Hope this helps.


thanks for your reply, Kyle.

I did try to import the buttons, but after I imported them the rollover animations no longer worked. What did I do wrong?