Navigation Help

Above is an attached image of my problem.

I’m creating a website with a specific navigation. When the user first loads the flash file, the first screen viewable is the navigational bar in the center of the page. I’m trying to create the navigation so that when a user clicks on any button in the opening screen, the whole navigational bar will animate to the right side of the screen and the content will load in the left side. Now, after the navigation has been moved to the right, it will stay there. Basically, the only time the navigation is found in the center is when the user first opens the page. After he or she initiates the first button press, the nav will move to the right and stay there.

Now, I’ve worked a little bit on the approach and I just wanted to get some opinions, advice, etc. on how to approach this project in the easiest or most organized matter.

Thanks for the help in advance!

Also, if anyone would like to view the .fla file, I would greatly appreciate it!