hey guys!!

im making my site on dreamweaver… but i want my navigation bar as a part of my flash movie… does this work?
i would make it as a button… but i dont know how to make it navigate thru my dreamweaver… please help


Well… I would start by writing down all the different URLs to each of the pages on your site. After you have a list, start formulating it into a chart showing what the link name should be, next to the URL that it leads too.

In flash, the getUrl command can be used to make navigation possible.

ie on a button


There is a setting in the getUrl (in basic a/s mode) that lets you set up wether the new url should load in the same window, or in a blank window. My suggestion is to open things that are internal to your site in the same window (giving people the option of using the back and forward arrows on their browser) and to have external links (link friends sites and such) opening in blank windows.

thanks david

but I’m still confused… my attempt to set the URL failed… i think that I’m totally off on this one… somebody please help!!