N'chA Kirupa's people

Yope yope,
I’m testing my first work on flash mx, i don’t like it very much in fact, that’s why u 'll find not so much stuff ! :slight_smile:

But i’ve some ideas for a new one, and all i want to know is if i got to go for or stop right now with flash, avoiding to decrease the internet’s flash skill ! :slight_smile:

Sorry for my english, by the way…
here it is : <a href=“http://www.gameprogress.net” target="_blank">http://www.gameprogress.net</a> ( still to come )

Keep goinn kirupa, congratulation for all of you.

keep goin’ ! it’s really good, i couldnt find anything to criticize (and I usually do…) =)

Thkx frenchy bro ! :slight_smile:
am really looking for ur new website, any date for presentation ? :slight_smile:

I really like the background Kyochew, that’s really cool! are they all separate movieclips? or did you actionscript it? I don’t know any french, so how does your main page relate to the others inside it? Did mention how cool those button icons are? :wink:

Well, all backgrounds are externals jpg files, so i random load them by actionscript…

The fact is, my main page is the only one currently… and probably will be alone, cause i’m thinking and designing a real site,
Actually this page was really a practice session…

by the way, Am really lookin for ur website … how time before opening ? :slight_smile:
thkx for ur msg, appreciate it

ah ok, the mouseOver fade is actionscripted? that’s cool! I really need to work on my actionscripting! I’m so bad at the moment! practice session?!! that’s one hell of a practice session lol!

my site? soon hopefully! I’m working on it right now (multi-tasking ;)) I’ll be posting some new stuff later hopefully!