Home Grown on Kirupa Juice

Hello there,

I’m pretty new to flash but heres 2 of my first sites i’ve just recently finished…

www.chris-iain-thornton.co.uk (Homepage)
www.method-band.co.uk (My bands Homepage)

Id love it if some of you folks could tell me what you thought, especially the moderators, regulars and the man himself. I learned nearly all I know from kirupa.com apart from the photoshop area’s.

I was gonna submit these sites in ‘site of the week’ but i’m not sure if they would qualify yet.

Anyway! Please have a look and tell me what you think!

Special thanks to ‘Flex’ for all his help.

Cheers! Skid :nerd:

Your site is awsome, i didn’t look at your band’s site yet though.

Cheers mate! :nerd: :slight_smile:

Both sites are very nice:)

Cheers beta, that means alot coming from u, i love your site :slight_smile:

skid :nerd:

Thanks skidpanda:) !!!