Nearly there but

I’ve got this far, albeit with loads of help from kirupa, but I’ve found another brick wall

In the attached file I have four boxes that have an animated effect on rollover

I want to provide an alternative means of activating the animations, basically using a seperate button, as in the introduction button in the attached file.

I can’t get around the problem, I’ve tried _root, _parent, frame labels etc

Any help out there?

From what could gather - you have put an mc inside the button up state so it tween to transparent and an mc in the over when you mouse off, and become opaque when the mouse is over.

Yout button needs to target

_root.window3. - then you hit the button - which is stopping you from getting to the mc inbuttover - this is what will tween the window back in, and you['ll also need to re-issue the this.swapDepths(100) with the button (it doesn’t have to be as high as 100 - you can use a lower no. I just used that when I was testing.

Try and set the button at the bottom of the stack like

window3 —> then the up and over tweens in one mc at different frames —> then the button.

Then from the button you can use _parent.gotoAndPlay(“buttonover”) or something.