A simple question

Hi Guys,

I have been using Swish to produce my websites for just over 1 year now, And i would like to start learning Flash.

I have MX and i have been following some of the tutorials on this site.

There is however, one question i would like to ask.

In Swish, You can place your pages (E.g Services, Portfolio) in sprites or load them as external .Swf files.

Then, With the Services button which you have created, You would give it the action to go to a certain frame in the services sprite, so that page will open and play itself, or, have it load the external .swf file in certain levels.

Now, My question is, How do you do this is flash?

I mean, If you have 6 links on your site, How do you make them open different pages which you have also created in Flash?

I would be very greatful if somebody could answer me this.

Thanks in Advance

Check this out:

That’s what I use. I used Swish once upon a time, and I don’t remeber what a Sprite is (other than the obey your thirst one); so I may be misunderstanding.

[edit]Yeldarb is correct!![/edit]

Thanks alot guys,

Much appreciated

ok, freddy says im correct!!! yay!!!

on (release) {