Need a once and for all verdict

Well Im pretty well finished with this site for my first real all flash client and need some final input… I have some prim and trim things to do but everything is pretty well there so let it rip… If its good then let me know and if you think its garbage then let me know why :wink:


i like it, nice animations for the buttons, the only thing that i might chnge is the font on the home page, apart from that its pretty nice, btw sweet rims :rabbit:

Yea I hate the font that Im using for the homepage right now but embeding fonts in that dynamically loaded text field is giving me fits! The fonts work in everyone but that one… I just cant figure it out… If one of you would be willing to take a look at a 3 meg fla you could see if you could make heads or tails of it?

sorry but im no where near as good as u, bit of a waste me lookin at it

sure somone will though

gl :cap:

Although I really dont think Im anything really great in flash I really appriciate the comment!