Need advice for serious WebDesign


I would love tips and hints from you guys and gals that design Websites for fun and business. Currently i mess around with flash and have done so since flash 4. Now i want to get more serious about webdesign.
This is where you all come in. What should i know to do web design for a living. For example what scripts and programs should i know good. Currently i’m studying actionscript.
I also have knowledge of the following programs Dreamweaver MX, Flash MX, FireWorks MX, Photo phop 6.0 and Illustrator 10

This are the scripts i think i should also study
HTML, XHTML, XML, Perl, Javascript, PHP and CSS.

Any comments and advice would be greatly apreciated

there is really no end to what you could need to know. And next year there will be more.

Depends though on what aspect you want to do. If you like front end work then Flash, HTML, XML, Fireworks, Photoshop

if you like back end programing then PHP, Mysql, XML, Perl, general CGI, coldfusion, etc.

There are so many differe things to know these days, and most employers are looking for people with as many different skills as possible (that way they can fire two people and have one take their place. :wink: )