Need advice!

I’m applying for a job and they’re giving me an AS2 test tomorrow… here’s the email:

'This is a production media development position with a primary focus on creating Flash for the items (test questions) in our assessments.

We ask that you visit our office to complete the development of a photo gallery application based on an existing file that will be provided to you. This will enable you to demonstrate your skills related to Flash development.
· It is an hour long exercise and will take place using a PC and Adobe Flash CS3.
· The internet will not be available to complete the exercise.
· The exercise does not include meeting with any of the Test Development staff.

The top candidates will be asked to return for a formal panel interview.’

Anybody have any advice on what I should be prepared for? I’m a total ActionScript neophyte, but have been studying it for the past week and now have some very basic skills. If anybody has any insight I’d very much appreciate it. Thanks!