Need bit help

My knowledge of php and mysql are minimal.
I run php and mysql via my host but i think it’s better to get a server my own to install php and mysql.
But in this part i’m a real noob…

What can i do best… My own computer is a Powerbook g4 1.33GHz with 512MB (soon 1GB) ram and a 80GB harddisk. Is it possible and smart to split the disk and run a server on that? I don’t think so but my knowledge is small.
I can get an old G3 iMac with 256MB ram and a small harddisk of 6 GB i can make that one bigger to lets say 40GB and run OSX on that one. But my apartment is small.

So i thought about a VSP online server but i really don’t know what if it’s crashing or the company quits. Is there someone who can give me an advise what to do. Or someone who can rent me some serverspace that i can run some php/asp and sql.

Kind regards MyDNA
Jos Koomen
[email protected]
Netherlands :tie: