New Design: Opinions?

Hi everyone!
I’ve spent the past few days tinkering with a new design for my site to replace the current, antiquated layout. The URL is:

I’d like to hear any comments (good or bad) about it. What should I change etc? I’ve already received some feedback from some of you: font of the middle animation, squares should in animation could be transparent, etc.

Post away!

Any comments, great and not so great are highly appreciated lol :slight_smile:


I like it. It’s even more simple in the design that it is right now but I like it. Very Kirupa’s style.


I don’t know… I’m still a little partial to the old set up… I’m sure you’re still working on things though, and it does look good… so keep it up. I’ll check back and see if I can suggest anything useful. :slight_smile:

Hi kirupa…

it’s getting there…i like the top half…but i’m not too keen on the bottom… :lol: sounds funny…like i’m talking about a young lady…


you aren’t???!!!

haha, I’m still working on it…the bottom half does look empty. Guess I’ll see what I can do…

I’m hoping to have this design up this weekend; I’ll create a new site of the week graphic to replace the older colors from the previous site.

Upuaut, the current site has two basic problems: it takes too long to load for many users and takes up a lot of system resources. Another problem is getting the information to the visitor. My site is adding newer sections such as Flash Inspiration and Open Source; problem is that nobody ever notices them. This newer design will be more user friendly while retaining a design that is unique and simple.

Once I get the design up, I’ll slowly begin to port all of the older pages to the new setup. Of course, I will make major modifications to the design along the way so that the site will have a more refined look :slight_smile:

Thanks all!

You know what it is… it’s the block-i-ness of that top banner. Flash makes such smooth images it’s a little bizzare I guess, seeing that. Looks like an over size jpg at bad resolution. I hope that’s not too harsh… I’m meaning that to be constructive. :slight_smile: The whole rest of it is great… and very speedy…and I have a crapper of a comp I’m working on right now. (yes my home machine is still down… :frowning: )

Hey upuaut!
I guess I will change the font of the top logo…I guess the blockiness does look a little odd. It’s not too harsh at all :slight_smile:

Newer update:; going to post a link to this in the main page so I can hopefully get more opinions.


In the top half of the design, some of the larger bubbles just suddenly vanish without totally leaving the edge. Looks kinda stupid. :slight_smile: Rest looks pretty good tho.

i think it looks great cept that banner at the top is too big.

Not bad… That reminds me a little.
The old one is just as good as that

I reduced the size of the banner by about 50 pixels; it will contain content such as new tutorials, etc. I’m trying to create the banner in such a way, that the content such as background color, text, and hyperlinks are controlled by a text file residing on my server. Have to get the design up first, then I’ll start to worry about the intricacies :slight_smile:

EDIT: I’ve changed the home page to reflect the new look. A sample of how a tutorial page looks can be found here: I’ll work on revamping most of the Flash 5 tutorials, then all sections mentioned in the home page, and then the forums!

i like it the new tutorial page layout a lot better…looks less cluttered and easy to navigate!

I’ve completed the design for all the Flash 5 and ActionScript pages. Just to let you all know what I will be doing next:

1.)Modifying the gallery section.

2.)Adding the Flash Resources drop-down menu, link to the site, About Me, etc. at the bottom copyright section kind of like what has (except mine will look cooler haha)

3.)Add all the open source files that have been submitted by users (zao and gingerhippy: I will add your files to my site lol)

4.)Restart the Site of the Week section. The SOTW section hasn’t been updated in about 3 weeks.

5.)Update the Flix and Swift 3D site to new design.

6.)Relax and start helping everyone help answer questions on the boards all the people on the boards.


PINK POLKA DOTS?!?!?!? Come on now Kirupa, you can do much better than that. Have war cows running across the screen, chasing down nali and eating them, now that would be good

um…ok! I’ll change the home page again this weekend lol. A big UT fan ehh?

In your flix page, the text is covered by the flix logo.


Hey Pom,
Where exactly do you see that? I don’t see the flix logo covering up any text. Would it be possible for me to get some more info on the location and page…I’ll fix it immediately!