Need feedback of this site

Hello fellow flashers, hehe. Anywayz, I am somewhat knew to flash, been working with it on and off since version 3 and well, I figured I better start actual doing something with it. A few of my friends got into somewhat of a label and well, ask me to do there webpage in flash. I know its got a ways to go but I just want to get some feedback of it. Let me know what you fellow web designers think. Dont be nice, I need to know whats wrong with it. Thanks. :slight_smile:

sites ok, the background lines are annoying, the text is hard to read, and the graphic tweens are a bit cheesy. aside from that, its ok

yeah, I have been told those lines are annoying believe me. I am gonna get rid of them.

can you suggest any way to make the text easier to read, I know that its on percent, you think I should just match the movie or something?

the color is very strong… very tiring for the eyes to see. :slight_smile: