Need For Speed : Underground

This game rocks, I got it for christmas on my Playstation 2.

yep :slight_smile: its heaps good cuz ea got rights for designing actual “real cars” like supra, skyline, etc. and of course: NOS! I got it on pc plat.

hehe way better than midnight club now, torque jx n torrida ahahaahah! :stuck_out_tongue:

Midnight Club was a horrible game. The controls were so messed up. If you didn’t have a wheel to play this with (on any platform, really) then you shouldn’t play that game at all.

still wnna finish it …

This is the best game ever. EVER!

Is it THAT good? And is it available on Xbox? :puzzle:

It sure is!

*Originally posted by Sunny *
**This is the best game ever. EVER! **

hey comon, now answer this hard question
which one do u like more gran turismo or nfs?

yah i love that game as well

There two different games, mate!

I got NFS Underground for Christmas, 'tis a good game, but I haven’t played much of it really so I don’t know if it’s great yet (been spending my time playing Jak and Daxter… which is a great game!)

I’m on race 51/111. It’s truly awesome!

Hey, I might get it then…After I get MoH Rising Sun =)

omg, I just got this on PC! It’s BRILLIANT! Finally EA have actually got a NfS game right! They’ve actually done it well for a change! It’s beautiful and challenging and… you just want to play it again and again! Which is handy - because if you muck up and you’re over half way through a race, chances are you won’t catch up with them again! Time to restart! (That does get kinda infuriating after a while :sure:!) - but it manages to keep me playing! Very impressive!

ps. I wish the powerslide with the handbrake was a little less random and difficult to control - it slows you down waaay too much and kinda removes the temptation to use it!