NSF Underground 2

Not sure if you guys are aware or interested, but there are some vids showing off the awesome gameplay of ea’s latest game of the nfs series.


also article here:

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you dont have to sign up, just watch the windows media links

man i loved NFS:UG i was hoping of a second one, lets hope they dont over do it !!


Yeh Ive been around ea’s site already a couple of times about the new version. I hope they made other improvements as well as the actual landscape such as the tracks. One thing that disapointed me was that the current nfsu wasnt that hard. I picked hard for every single race and i won pretty easily unlike mnc2 was harder. The variety of cars was pretty good but a few more wouldnt hurt like the honda nsx. I was hoping the nos would have been more realistic but when i had direct port, no flames came out of the muffler, even rockstar’s midnight club 2 interventions with nos as well as the sst is better than nfsu’s nos. They should add damage to the cars as well as new additional customisations. Im a fan of imports but it gets a bit boring sometimes. More american muscle should balance it.

Maybe they might release a special nfsu edition of imports vs luxury cars such as mclaren, benzos, or lamborgini? Would anyone be instrested in posting your vehicles here? d*mn i love my skyline :wink:

all the stuff you mentioned are added or updated on the new version minimal. check the article link and read up on it, the city is free roaming (gta style) the tracks are huge, new tag games, where you just cruising and you can challenge someone for a “beat him by a car length” sorta game, New cars, new mods, there are a few muscles cars i heard, damage im not sure. read up the article, its all there. :wink:

thank god :slight_smile:

I just read through the article and it seems that the new one coming out will be more opened-structured similary like midnight club2. Like the previous racing series in the NFS range, every car has to line up at the starting line. Now you drive your vehicle around the city to find a racer. They really have opened up the scenery from 40 to 200km of city. Unlike the current version, you dont have to win every race to progress. Very interesting…

do you think adding damage would make it better? i personally found nfsu to be far more enjoyable than say, hot pursuit, because i didn’t have to worry about being cautious, i could just go all out which is what i like to do in a game. I thought underground had a different purpose… not be super-realistic, but just be a fun ride with eye candy :slight_smile:

i hope they leave damage out of #2