Need help big time...with XP install

I fdisked and formatted one of my hdd’s. Now when I try to install XP it freezes in the same place everytime. I went back and formatted again and did it again but it keeps freezing in the same spot. Anyone have any idea how I can fix this? So I can complete the install.

your xp disc might be damaged, sorry can’t think of anything else

Do you get an error after that if you do you may have to hold in In F7 for about 20secs and it will work.

If not Clean the disc as much as possable and if its possable clean your Cd Rom lens with a Cd Lens cleaner.

Also if you have an odl computer around try it on that you enver know it may be you computer and the way it reacts to a certain installation file.

Give some Specs on your cpomputer

Awww! The same thing happened to me! What I did was i Re-partitioned my drive again, and re-installed in the windows again.

I think somthing like that happened to my dad, I’ll talk to him when he gets home from work and ill tell you what he did to fix it :slight_smile:;en-us;815319

also try removing any USB devices and using standard ps2 ones…(ie keyboard and mouse)

also try removing the video card and installing a generic one, some AGP cards can cause this…

those are some things to try out - a lot of times it is due to a hardware device problem…

what spot is it hanging up at?

the computer is a p4 1.4ghz 40gb hdd, geforce2 ultra 64mb card. 384 ram.

I just used the disc earlier in the day for another install. I will try cleaning it. Right now I am formatting (98 boot disk) and formatting and will try again.

It gets hung up at the screen where it tells you how much time is left and you see the lil green progress lights at te bottom. Always at 35 minutes left of install. Thanks for the link I am going to see what thats about too.

Yes, it’s probably getting held up at a device driver. Remove all devices that aren’t necessary. Install them later

Why don’t you try formatting with the Windows XP cd (in NTFS format instead of FAT32) and then install windows? From the setup screen after you boot your CD (the blue, DOS looking one) go through the EULA junk and choose to:

  1. Delete you current partition (it will make you confirm this)
  2. Create a new partition in the unpartitioned space
  3. Format the Partition using NTFS (not FAT32)
  4. Install windows on the new partition

It’s worth a shot…you can’t really screw anything up (any worse than it is at least) by using the Windows XP installation CD. Good luck :slight_smile:


that is a good idea, but if its a device issue it won’t help that much - nathan from what i read earlier around 32-35 minutes is due to a device driver issue - hopefully that is your solution.

I have a question,
I know that I have always used the NTFS file system, but I never truly understoof the difference between the two?

here’s a good explanation:

Great, thanks for link!

I still cant figure out what it is that is doing this. I installed 98se in the hope it will let me upgrade. Well 98 installed fine. But XP still wont install this time it bombed out at 37 minutes.

Learned something new about RAM. Most may have already knew but. Just because sticks are the same memory capacity does not mean that they are necessarily the same. My problem was my Sticks were 2 diff speeds and voltage. I had 2.5v and a low speed stick in there. Where the rest were High speed RAM with a 3.3 voltage. So I removed the 2.5 and replaced it. Now everything works.

Sweet…glad to hear that you got it working!

I’ll be sure to file that away in my “Windows XP Installation Trouble” memory bank :slight_smile: