Need help making a golf ball in illustrator

Anyone know how to do this. I tried using half tone patterns but I just cannot get the dimples right. Any help, insight or link to a tutorial is greatly appreciated.

BTW in either Ill 10 or CS is fine.

BTW Merry XMAS to ya’ll

You could use inverted gradients… might work

say you create a round circle. use a radial gradient, make a copy of the circle decrease the size of the circle, rotate it 180 degress, so the gradient makes the object look indented. then place them in a row and colomn , grid style, and use the larger cricle (the ball outline) as a compound path.

Let me give it a go… try it as well, tell me if it works.

Merry christmas as well dude :wink:

a very cheap way to do it, dont know , dosent look that good either, but anyway , have a look and see if you can work with it. or get some ideas from it.

Illustrator Golf Ball try


Merry Christmas to you too DDD. Ok use the revolve effect i think its called opens AI yeah revolve. And then make the circle then add the little dots with a map full of them. Thats what i would do and you got the shading of a 3d gold ball :smiley: