Need help quick! How to disable "forward" in right click menu

Ok I’m making a game that goes frame by frame in progression, like shadowgate. Problem is that you can just right click and hit “forward” to skip through the game at leisure. Could someone tell me how to disable this? I know it’s possible, I’ve seen it many times before…

Thank you!!!

in publiush settings >html then uncheck the box “display menu” i think that should work :slight_smile:

Are you sure that will work? My game is going to be uploaded to a website, and all they ask for is the .swf … is unchecking that option in the html part gonna do it?

thanks again

well probably not, tell them to put this code in the html with the other paremeters

<PARAM NAME=menu VALUE=false>


Thank you , I shall try… but I’m uploading to Newgrounds, they get about 100 entries a day (automated) worth a try I guess.

Truthfuly that will only half fix the problem. Anyone with enough savey could simply download the swf from the site, play it as a standalone, and click forward to go through the game.

Of course that only really helps them if it provides them with infomation which is helpful to beat the previous level.

There aren’t too many games where this would be a problem, I think. If the scores are totaled on the server from the server based game, then they should still remain unchallenged since the player had taken the swf out of the loop.

There could be something whereby a portion of a map were revealed as the player progressed through the levels, in which case he might be able to divulge critical information about the game by downloading it. In that case, you have to be a little more tricky in how you design things.