Need help to control multiple videos using cue points

I am trying to simultaneously control multiple videos using FLVPlayback behaviors and cue points. I need both videos to play synchronized and respond to button actions.

I want to be able to click button and have both videos play until next navigation cue point and stop. Second click, play to next cue point and stop. Third click, play to next cue point and stop. And so on.

Currently I can only do this correctly for 1 video. I can load the second video (progressive download) and it will also advance to the correct assigned navigation cue point, but it does not play in sync with the first video. In addition, I get a “linkage identifier” must be unique warning.

Tutorials exist for loading multiple videos in a single component instance, but I can’t find information on how to control multiple videos or align the timing.

Please help me understand how to control more than 1 video with these behaviors and synchronize the rate of play.

Thank you.