Need help tweaking a script

Hello everyone!

Been a while since I last visited this place, aswell as since I last designed something.
Anyway, I decided a few days ago that I wanted to throw a portfolio up and start designing again (been quitting/pausing way too many times now) and while working on it I saw this old flash file laying around, that I remember scotty helped me out with a great deal a while back.
Now I want to use this idea for my portfolio (it’s a random picture slide show with titles, using XML) but tweak it a bit and I was wondering if anyone here, perhaps even scotty himself, would be so kind as to help me out with this, and save me loads of headaches seeing as I haven’t touched flash for a long time and this is the only flash element on my new portfolio site.
I’m kind of re-learning XHTML & CSS at the moment, since the only thing that has stuck with me is the photoshop part, so it would really be a load less for me.

Anyway, here’s what I was thinking:
Add a new function that lets me put a webadress/link in the XML file for each picture that the script then reads and assigns to a button, so that you can click the button (called view) to open up the webpage for it.
Should open up in the same browser window that’s currently used.

Hopefully you understand what I mean.
The idea is to have this slide on my main page and if you see an image you find interesting in the slide, you can click the view button and the webpage for that image will load.


Thanks for reading and thanks in advance to anyone who decides to help out!
Appreciate it a ton!

EDIT: Just noticed that when the slide begins it doesn’t start with an image, but you see the background and then the first image masks in.
I think scotty fixed that the last time but if that’s the case I can’t find the fixed file.
If that’s not a hard fix for whoever decides to help me out; that would great.
However not the end of the world if it’s hard/too much of a hassle.

Hope I’m not asking for too much, feeling just a bit embaressed to be honest.