Need help - View Comments by name

I’m having a bit of a hard time putting what I want into words, which is probably why programming it has got me a bit stumped.

Basically what I want is a nagavatable guestbook where the names of the people who left comments is shown in a list, and clicking on the various names would display their comment in a dynamic text box. This whole thing started as an extention of the XML Guestbook using PHP tutorial.

My idea, and the way I’ve been trying to go at this, is to have the names show as text (not buttons or a movie clip, if I can avoid it) in a text area with a scroll bar to allow for as many entries as possable. Clicking on a name would load the data within the <comment> tag into a dynamic text field.

Here’s more or less what my XML file looks like

<myText>This is cool</myText>
<myText>Hey look, I'm on the internets</myText>
<myText>So when I click send, it sends?</myText>

I can set up a text field that pulls the names, inserts a new line and finds the next name (i++) but those are not selectable. I’ve even got buttons to go i++ and i–, but then you have to read through every entry to find the one you want.

If someone can help me, or just help get my mind working in a method that would solve this, I’ll give you a cookie or something. I’m not asking for someone to hold my hand, or give me their code, just for some help so that I’ll see how to translate what I want the computer to do into exact instructions.

I just got the idea of adding a date into


How would I get this data automatically? I’m sure it’s just something in the submit movieclip and another line of php.

No one has any ideas?

So there are two TextFields… one, where on each line is a name of somebody who made a post; and the second one, that will display content of the post on click on the name of the poster?