Need help with 2 things! need replies! replies!

here are things i need help with…

  1. Can you open a flash5 file with flash MX? or the other way around… i tried it but dont work…

  2. When you are making a whole site with flash, how can you make seperate pages like home,info…etc… do you use label and gototarget or dif. layers… help!!


  1. you can open Flash5.0 files with Flash MX but not the other way around… the other thing is, if you want the file to be openable from Flash 5.0, but you’re creating it in MX, then you need to “Save As” Flash 5.0. Otherwise it will save it as an MX file.

  2. Depends upon how big your site is. If it’s just 100k total, then I’d say use scenes and frame labels to make the whole thing in a single swf. If it’s any larger than that, then you should look into the loadMovie(); command.

What is done in that case is, each section is saved as it’s own swf. Then each swf is loaded into the player using action script. There are many posts on this subject here… if you need help locating them, let me know and I’ll find some links for you to look at.

thank you very much for your answers. and yes please link me some sites I can use. Thanx alot again upuaut8. :slight_smile:…ID=9.topic…ID=8.topic…2950.topic

Here are three posts that you should read. I’ll look for more. I know I have at least one around here which details the loadMovie(); command explicitly. If I can’t find it I’ll just rewrite it.