This is easy to do, but i cant do it.. :(

Hey there everyone…
This would probably be easy for you guys to do but for some reason i cant figure it out. Im still kinda new to flash… So if someone replies, please dont talk too technical…please write easy step by step intructions… :slight_smile:

Ok, this is the problem.
I have made my main page for my website in flash. I have also made some other pages that i want to link to the main page.

I am not trying to make a URL link…

What i want is, on the main page i have a button, how do i link that to another page i have made and make it load up in the same or different window?

Can someone pleaze help me… i need to know!

Thanks Heaps…
jakatta… :slight_smile:

put this code on your button::

on (press){
loadMovie (“SomeMovie.SWF”, 0);

and just change the name of the .SWF file to whatever movie you want to load.

Hey Jubba,

Yeah that didn’t work… :frowning: When into flash 5 and opened up on of the pages and just resaved it as SWF. (do i just change it instead of fla. to swf?)

And then i made a button and put in this action:
on (press){
loadMovie (“SomeMovie.SWF”, 0);

And when i published it, i pressed the button and the button disappeared and nothing happens, nothing loads :frowning:

What am i doing wrong???

Yeah man, easy things keep messing me up, too.

Did you save BOTH files in the same folder?
Did you write the filename of the SWF file into th code you pasted into the button?

The File you want the button to be on is 1A
The File you want to be opened by the button is 1B

The code should be then:
on (press) {
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp loadMovieNum (“1B.swf”, 0);

I tried it, and it works fine.

you cant just save it as a SWF, you have to export it. Go to File>Export Movie…

and then save it under any name. the code works for me. you must be missing something

Don Albino,

Thanks man, you made my DAY! i’ve been at this for a while, and now that you have told me how to do it… And i DID IT! i had the BIGGEST GRIN on my face…

Thanks HEAPS man…
Your a True Champion…

Jakatta… :slight_smile: