Need help with a counter strike game im making for flash mx

i need help with a game badly :-\
ok this is edited! i changed my code. and moved it aorund. so it not as complicated as dong! where es my automobile! woops sorry for saying that. anyways. getting started.

i have 4 badguys name t1,t2,t3,t4 (instances).
lets say for t4 i have this code.
onClipEvent (load) {
}on (press) {
if (_root.ammo._currentframe<8) {

(t4-1) is the popping out and shooting and repeating
(t4-2) is the dying part.
ammo is the instance/variaible of a mc. means that if frame has any bullets in it (fram 1-7) then u can play the dying part.

for my mouse and gun and stuff heres the code.
onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
_x = _root._xmouse;
if (_x<=80) {
_x = 80;
onClipEvent (mouseDown) {
if (_root.ammo.ammo>0) {
} else {

every time u click down it makes a bullet dissapear.
fyi: i have 7 bullets

now for my problems, the guys will die ‘wierd’
i have hp/dyn. this is ur health in the game. when it becomes 0 OR less than u die. how do i make it so when the hp becomes 0 OR less it will go to a scene.

one more thing. when u kill all the t1,t2,t3,t4… how i do i make it go to the next scene? can u give me some info or methods of doing these? plzzzzz

download the .fla if u want to its lots easier.

plz dont ‘steal’ my idea :p:

Downloaded your file and should have it back to you by friday.

equal to OR less: "<="
go to a different scene: “gotoAndStop(“Scene”, “frame”)”

does that help?

btw shouldn’t this be in a non ‘talk’ forum