Need help with Creating A Full Site

hi guys…
I am trying to make a site with flash mx… and in order to make pages i need to learn how to load swf into my main flash… i have read the tutorial ( by kirupa but i dont get the part “Select your movie clip and give it the instance name contents.” I try to fix this problem for 2 days… can’t solve it!! plz help me im about to kill myself!! Q. how do you load swf (loadmovie)

To follow the tutorial correctly you must download the partial source in the beginning of the tutorial. It says this…

::Download Zip File

It is right before the first screenshot that shows the navigation links.

If you download that and use that file as you follow the tutorial you might be able to understand how to do it better.

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I did dl that fla… i still dont get it… :*( can you expain it to me

Ok, I am going to try and explain this without downloading the file, since my computer is being a pain.

In the upper left hand corner of your movie there should be a tiny white circle. What Kirupa wants you to do is right click on that little circle and hit “Properties”. This will open up the “Properties” window and in that window there is a text box that is set at the default “instance name” (or something like that), you should replace that text with the text “contents” (without quotes).

hmm… i tried it but it still doesnt work… im going to redownload it start over again

I wish you luck. If there are any more problems just reply and I will see if I can help. I have to go now though, so I will check back later, unless someone else handles this while I am gone.

THANX alot man!!

I finally got it thanx for your help :slight_smile: If its ok with can i PM you if i get into n e other trouble?
thanx lot again :slight_smile:

I would prefer if you posted it on the board and if no one helps then you can PM me. I get many PMs a day and I would prefer to keep that limit down so my inbox doesn’t reach its maximum limit.

plus… PM conversations mean that lostinbeta is spending his time helping ONLY you. Please be kind and remember that we are all busy and doing this not just for you, but for everyone who visits If a conversation is posted in a thread, everyone can benefit… if it’s PM’ed then only you gain anything. That is not fair to everyone else.
Glad to see beta could help you though… he’s a great teacher.