Need help with flash intro

Hi! I’ve only been using Flash MX for a day so I’m a real newbie:)

I’m trying to make an intro for my homepage, and it works fine when i watch the html file in IE when its on the harddrive, but when i upload the file, the browser just keep loading and loading and the intro never show up. and its just 1 kb big

please answer so i can continue with my page :slight_smile:

what u wanna do is preview the movie in browser and view source put that code in ur page

it will say in 2 places in the movie te name so ifu have already saved it it wil sayfor example intro.swf but otherwise it will say untitled-1.swf so change that to what ur gonna saveit as when u export

Yeah, just for information, it’s not as simple as <*img src=“movie.swf”> (if that’s what you have).
There’s lots of script that goes into it.

EDIT: Whoops, I put in HTML and it worked. Now read it. I disabled the HTML.

i would like if someone could write like exactly what to do…there is gotta be a way :slight_smile:

in works just fine now…thanx