Need help with simple rollover

hi :slight_smile:

just done a rollover tutorial and i still dont know how he did it.
its the menu rollover at
anyone care to explain this to me please? couldnt find a similar tutorial :frowning:

over = when mouse is over ?!

kinda deserved that, my question is stupid :-
I want to know how he did the 2 img’s when the mouse go over.
when I make a button and edit it , I only see 1 ‘over frame’
so the ‘over frame’ has to start with white and quickly fade to black again.

I am just so noob ffs

You can place a movie clip inside a frame of a button. In this case, the person just put a movie clip in the over state that has the white to black fade to it. Since the button in it’s natural state is in frame 1, the movie clip doesn’t exist, as soon as you rollover the button, the playhead of the button moves to frame2, and the movie clip starts playing.