Simple Rollover Question

Simple question for a newbie.
What is a rollover and how do you do it?

A rollOver is an action on a button (or movie clip) that creates a change or animation when your mouse is over the button/clip.

To do it you can create a button instance of…lets say a rectangle. After you make your rectangle a button, double click it. It will take you to a screen that has Up, Over, Down, Hit frames.

Under over you can change the look of the button. If you want an action for when you rollOver, you can right click your button and go to actions. Then type in this…

gotoAndPlay(1); //or any action you want done

Doing this on a movie clip is a tad more advanced, so start with buttons to get used to it.

I hope this helps:) If I confused you just reply back with what part you were confused with.

PS. I see you are an FF Fan also (7 was my favorite!). You can get a great avatar image for the board from instead of using the calvin and hobbs one. The ones on dragid are buddy icons, but if you right click and save, they save as .gif images, which you can use as an avatar. They have great FF ones:)

Hello again CLoudStrife.

What you’ve been doing in the last four pages in the other thread (with the smaller and larger image) was a rollover!

P.S. Haven’t got it yet.