Need search engine help!

I’ve heard that google doesn’t use your meta tag descriptions. I’ve also heard that it just uses the first text on your site. I found a way around this by putting text with my site description on the index and having it immediately send me to the real page after you his the index. This seems to work for most search engines.

Google is still having problems. It has the text on my site cached from about 6 months ago, now it has updated the cashe version of my site, but not the description text. Help!

Msn is also still using my text from a year ago when I still had an html website. HELP!

thanks guys!
-3d Nirvana Studios

i have just opened a website to advertise my shop, , i dont understand exactly what u did, but as i am also trying to get my site up on the charts, i’ll be very interested to read in more details about what u did.
thanks in advance

I beleeive it checks the site becuase if you look at the who’s online idk how it does this or if its real but the use crawlers thta search your site and if they are on i beleive they are called google spiders.