Need some advice on web and graphic design

hey guys! im currently going through a little hiatus with my web and graphic design. i kinda feel like a failure. im only 16 and i have only been doing this stuff for 3 years, and although those stats might make it seem like you expect me not to know how to do anything, ive learned alot in those years. i feel like i could have learned more though. i want to learn more. i feel like i only know bits and pieces of different things, but i need to focus on one thing. i need advice on where to begin. do you suggest any good books on beginner xhtml, css, and actionscript? i have a pretty knowledgable understanding of html, but i know that is out of date so i want to start learning how to code in css and such. i also want to learn actionscript because i purchased flash 9 a couple months ago. i have been able to do alot of stuff with it some far, but ive only copied actionscript code from different tutorials rather than actually taken the time to learn it. and again i ask, know of any good books i could look at to help me learn that? this is the career i want to partake in when i get older. i want to goto college to learn more about web and graphic design. so if you could, i would love to hear from any more expierenced web and graphic designers. your advice is much needed and appreciated. thanks!