Need some feed back here

Tell me what you think of this layout. Its not finished but I dont want to go any further if its gay.

The file size is kinda big… 1.2meg. But that can be fixed. The scale is also default .swf scaling so sorry if its huge.

Thanks for the time.

that is 1.2 meg? it’s just a bg and a weird box?
Um I’m not sure what to say. It’s way to busy on the eyes. and very blurry.

I wouldn’t say it’s gay, because I tend to like everything gay. I think it definately needs a lot more work.

I don’t see any layout. is the nav going to be in the box? I think you definately need to take it further before real layout critique can be offered. the bg is pretty busy and it hurts my eyes. I definately wouldn’t want to look at it for very long. mute the colors a little bit and i think it’ll be much more bearable. don’t worry about it being gay right now, just flesh out some nav ideas.

The reason its that size is b/c im rendering it in Swift 3d 3.0. I think thats why the file is 1.2megs. I know they make a swift compressor but its too much for my budget. I agree with the busyness of the bg, and after working with it for a while its hurting my eyes too. The cut outs or indents of the box are where the navs will be. Now Im just bugged with the design. I think Im going to trash this project.

the 3d isn’t necessary, i don’t see the use of it, 1.2 Mo for this quick motion doesn’t worth it i think, file size is important, not everyone has a brodband access, keep this in mind

Definitely shove a preloader in there, otherwise, do some of it in Swish (3D), then do the rest in Flash.

Tell me more about this Swish… I use adobe after effects is it similar.

If you compress the 3d stuff into an avi format and use some standard compression techniques then. Import that into the movie. You will see that it reduces the file size.

Not even close :P. Swish is used for flash text effects mostly for users that are, and yes I’ll say it, too lazy. Swish can be used to create effects in a fraction of the time for flash text.

After Effects on the other hand is used for digital video and movie editing. AE can be used to create text effects as well, but it will look at least 10 times more realistic and powerful. AE can be used to generate effects such as realistic water, clouds, 3D Lines, and can apply almost every single filter (manipulation) that photoshop can. AE has photoshops capabilities packed into it, so you can edit video in extremely realistic environments.

You need to use AE and Swish yourself to figure it out. In summary, Swish can be used for simple text effects, and AE can be used to apply amazingly powerful effects on movies, graphics and video ;).

Yeah, so it’s a box. A good looking box and all, but what do you want us to critique? Hmm… Well the background image is blurry with my screen resolution on 1500Xwhatever…

I agree looking back on what I have recently read about swish I think that AE can give me more. Im not realy working with text here. I’m trying to creat the effect that there is a glass wall behind and below the object. And the sky is the image reflecting off the mirrors. I worked with it a bit and did what you said (Punkerton) by muting the colors a bit. The way I have my lights setup makes it a bit less of a bleeding eye soar. I want this to be eye candy.
Tell me if this is any better.

Tell me if this would work for compressing the file size.
Swift 3d v.3 only exports files that are png, tif, swf, jpg, bmp and tga. Could I export the images as jpgs into Ae then rexport them as avi. Would that make them small file sizes

OK, so I figured that you can reduce the file size by almost half the rendered size Sw3d does ifyou import it into AE then export it back out as a swf file. But some one tell me why. Im not losing any image quality and the scale is the same.

Its hard to tell, but this could be a very nice start for… something! I think that the 3d spinny box thing is lost before the click. it just looks like a blue band as part of an image. Also, i think it is all a bit too blue. The box would stand out fom the bg a lot more if their colours were not so similar.