Ok pardon my noob-ness <:}

What i want to do is highlight a picture and have some text display…easy enough :slight_smile:

well this movie is loaded into another movie :confused:

i asked this before and im still baffled…my friend told me something about putting “parent” instead of “_root”

i tried it and for some reason or another i failed :frowning:

ok first i will show you what the movie should look like…hover over the left persons picture…the text will appear

ok…thats all fine and dandy…now look how it “doesnt” work when put into another movie… click on profile and highlight the left picture

please someone help me

I can post the FLA’s if necessary

did you put “_parent” ? parent needs a _ in front of it…

*Originally posted by Jubba *
**did you put “_parent” ? parent needs a _ in front of it… **
yes…its frustrating becuase for some reason its not working :frowning: