Needing Ideas for an Animation for a local Recycle facility

I was assigned this project a few weeks ago, I have all my information put together but have no lead on how to get this started. I need to have animation listing all the places of the facility and have a unique way of displaying it. I have 6 weeks until my deadline and still have no ideas. I need it to have a kids and adults section, the kids side is already made. It is suppose to be informative and nice for viewers. It will have 2 facilities the landfill and the transfer station that each have parts in it that have individual purposes. I was thinking of having a map show and each section highlights itself when the cursor is on it. I have no start though, I had an idea of a tree growing and each branch was a link, taking you to either landfill side, the transfer station, contact us, and video pages. Then I thought, it wouldn’t look right, a tree used on a landfill site. Also I felt it might be too cartoonish for being the adult side. So any ideas or info I would greatly appreciate!