Needing some opinions

Hello everyone!

I was hoping to grab some ideas, opinions and words about the layout.

It’s a simple design that acts mostly as a messageboard.

I am still adding content to the popups. They will eventually contain embedded Flash movies w/music.

But for now, I am searching for additional ideas.


the address

sorry about the additional post!

the address

sorry about the additional post!

Hey what’s up guys, no replies…

I need a little feedback.

Actually, I need some good ideas because I have hit the creative wall!!!


I like the colors you chose for your site, they are pretty original, but I have some suggestions:

Maybe lose the background, its a little repetetive and strains the eye.

On the main site, try to make your logo a bit clearer, it’s hard to read.

On your contact us page, the button that you click in to email (E) isnt clear, and i think many visitors to your page may miss it.

Make all the single-letter buttons more clear as to what their functions are.

Hope this helps,



I am workin on it. I will repost in a few days after I make some changes.

It’s nice to get a neutral eye on the site.