Netscape 4.7 glitch

Hey guys -

I’ve got my first FLASH site posted with three non critical sections to be loaded in a week or so.

Here’s the funny thing -
on the opening page I’ve got a little message and a small animation that says if you cant see the animation download blahblah blah. If you see the animation you click on it and go into the main site.
works fine in Explorer.
In Netscape the animation plays but the larger animation doesn’t even load,

Any one interested in checking it out? (I could post the FLA)

I’d also appreciate any comments or suggestions if any one has any being this is the first.

Thanks All

If I remember correctly, there is less than 1% of the users use Netscape 4.x …

Is there a particular reason you are concerned about a browser that was discontinued 2 years ago?


I could be wrong but last time I was really pressed to put out something with cross browser performance I had to pay attention to 4.7. I don’t know??? Of course I’d rather not It’s a thorn.

So that being said I would still be curious if anything at all as to why the smaller movie rendered and the larger failed to.

Any ideas. . .

how bout comments on the site?