New 3dsm render and kinda new site

I haven’t been doing any 3d stuff for a while so ealier I tried to make something fairly basic. I also wanted some critiques on my site so I figured I’d do both in the same thread.

Here’s the video:

edit: won’t be up for a couple of minutes, it’s still rendering sorry
edit 2: just figured out you can watch part of it as it renders, so feel free to watch now I think

and my site I wanted critiques on is, please be harsh. btw, I know somebody’s going to say there’s too much whitespace, but say it anyways!


well… I was trying to download it… but it looks like a red blob, that twitches for 2frames then the movies over :slight_smile:

I hope there’s more than that :slight_smile:


ah, it appeasr I gave you the wrong link then, try

did that new link ever load for anybody?

arg half an hr left to download :slight_smile:

ok, tell me when it finishes :stuck_out_tongue:

ok it finished! it’s ok… kind of basic… and only 1second long!? If I’m not correct that’s just the water texture on a plane with animated noise (if not, add the noise) and a ripple modifier?

yep :P, very basic, I noted that in my first post, and yeah, but it also has the meshsmooth :P, well… I never said it was good… :frowning:

hey never said it was bad! it’s good water, just kinda basic scene :slight_smile:

yep :P, I more wanted a review on my site and figured I’d distract everybody with this so in the meantime they’d give another review :P, it kinda failed though :slight_smile:

Your site reminds me of only without the flash.

that site goes to are you sure that’s the right url?


I guess that’s a good thing, the site’s cool?

I don’t think that the video file was saved properly, I get a 1sec file, and it’s nothing.

oh well… try that…