New 3dsm render and kinda new site

I haven’t been doing any 3d stuff for a while so ealier I tried to make something fairly basic. I also wanted some critiques on my site so I figured I’d do both in the same thread.

Here’s the video:

edit: won’t be up for a couple of minutes, it’s still rendering sorry
edit 2: just figured out you can watch part of it as it renders, so feel free to watch now I think

and my site I wanted critiques on is, please be harsh. btw, I know somebody’s going to say there’s too much whitespace, but say it anyways!


Holy Giant Baby Blue Fonts Batman!

Your header text is pretty big. That may be the lookk you’re going for…

I think if you’re going to use that font for your logo text you should try and create a layout to match the bubly roundness of it.

…still waiting for the render…

render’s done now, but it probably takes forever to load because I host it on my machine…

ever load for you?

It’s not loading for me.

i get 7kbs on the download… i’ll tell u if I like it or not in a hour :slight_smile:

fine… I’ll take it out best quality :(… but I’ll still have to rerender it… oh well, I’ll post another link in a sec.

btw, any critiques on

ummm ok… did u take the file off the server or is my computer just being stupid… because it had 45minutes left, the said compleated, but the file was corrupt ?!

i’m guessing u took the file down and replaced it with a smaller version.

have u ever tried the free windows media encoder? the file sizes are leaps and bounds less that quicktime and divix. Also it lets you do a video screen capture… and a bunch of other things.


I’ll try exporting to wm to, but I love quicktime, and it doesn’t seem I’ve heard of this, where is it?

I’m still not seeing either, your site or the movie.

EDIT: I can see your site now
EDIT2: Not much there, but looks good :slight_smile:

my site??? uh oh…

edit: I can see my site remotely, intersting, perhaps it’s that I’m using all my ram and apache just doesn’t want to respond, I’ll give a shout when the render finishes and everything seems to be in order…

edit2: oh never mind then, any suggestions?

k, finished rendering, the new link IS:

how big is the file?

Edit: It loaded the first frame then stopped. It looks good so far though :wink:

link to wmv encoder

site looks good! needs some more content though :slight_smile:


downloading now, thanks for the link, and brad just keep waiting :P, I’ll try this window’s thing out and see if I can compress it…

and yeah 3d, there’s some great videos in the archive though if you go searching :stuck_out_tongue:

sorry, have to do a restart, it’ll be down for a few minutes so that I can get it compressed for you :frowning:

edit: back up and running again :), let me play with this stuff now

well, it turns out I forgot to save the last version so I can’t use the wme, but I’ll use it next time, and can you guys try to download the qt? I want at least one critique on it and at least a couple more from somebody on my site :stuck_out_tongue:

well… I was trying to download it… but it looks like a red blob, that twitches for 2frames then the movies over :slight_smile:

I hope there’s more than that :slight_smile:


ah, it appeasr I gave you the wrong link then, try