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here’s my first jab at pixel pictures…a king ape in the jungle night…
haha, how bad is it?

Looks like a dog.

It reminds me of Zaboomafoo from that show… Zaboomafoo. You know. Although, Zaboomafoo was a lemur I think…
[EDIT] Link:[/size]

dog…lemming…i have failed :trout:

lol i think its…cute…

the tongue, and the position (on all fours) of the monkey does make it appear as a dog. and i think you should take a second look at what an [color=blue]ape[/color] looks like! :rabbit:

nyea, i’m aware of the difference between monkeys and apes…monkeys just look cooler…and dogs don’t hang out in ‘the jungle’

its just that u called it “King Ape” and then you draw a monkey, which i think is confusing.:huh:

I like it dude :thumb:

Nice work.

I was about to post “Hey, monkeys are apes, too!” Then I decided to double check before I made myself look like an idiot.
Turns out apes ain’t got no tail. Guess I slept through that part of biology class.

i think its funny,
also its different

I like it… especially the exagerated tongue… :lol: