New Client Site

Glory Be and I just finished a site colaboration for a client. What do yu guys think. Remember the client had input and control over some of the elements of the site. It is a Flash nav menu and HTML pages

Well lets have it(-:

PS: we are still wating for some of the content. The insert pic lines and things like that will be taken out before we go live with it. We also weren’t getting to much money for this site so this is the best we could do for the price they would pay.

i like it.
but the border around where the pictures go are nasty. lol. make jsut a solid line. (unless was done because what you said)

I think that beveled boarde rwill be mostly coverd once the pic goes in there. It is just temporay.

good to hear. <:}

Its a good site, considering the money constraint. Its neat.
The text for the contact info on thr top right corner, could be clearer. overall its … neat… !!C:-)