Keep It Cool - Shutters and Blinds

This is a client site that I just finished today. I have been working on it for a long time, but at intervals. It took about 36 hours of total worktime.

The client wanted a site that was easily updatable, and looked clean. He gave me as a site that he liked, and wanted his site to look like. So I used Apple as inspiration, with the tabs.

The site has a full admin section, and just about everyting (minus) the layout is changeable by the client through the admin section. It allows addition of subcategories, and even uploading his own pictures for several different sections. The showcase section also uses PHP’s GD library to make dynamic thumbnails of the pictures that the client uploads. The site makes use of PHP, mySQL, CSS, and HTML.

C&C Welcome, keep in mind though that I was limited by the client’s requests.

Edit: Oh yeah, and all of the content is fake at the moment hehe. The client will be in the process of adding real content in the next couple of days / weeks.

Pretty decent, clean design, can maybe use some more graphic element to match up w/ that nav (which is nice). It’s understandable when a client limits you, sucks as it really hinders your creative ability most of the time.

  1. Is there anyway you can ad some kind of graphic/picture under the nav?

  2. The left and right grey parts, maybe put some kind of graphic work into it instead of leaving it plain. The upper part seems to come to an abrupt stop.

  3. Bump the menu items under Catagories a little more away from the left edge of the grey.

  4. I’m sure they told you to do this, but why have the web address in the contact section when you’re already there?

What kind of graphic work? Really, I’m at a loss to what I could add, not to mention putting something in between the navigation and content at this point would probably take more time than it’s worth.

I’ll look into “spicing up” the gray parts, what do you suggest?

In regard to the categories, I would probably have put them farther away from the edge too, but as they are editable by the client, I need to give them as much room to name their sections as I can. You have to keep in mind that clients don’t always think how their content will effect the layout and look of the site.

Yep, client said he wanted it there, so I put it there hehe :wink:

Thanks for the crit.