New design but I need help

Ok kids I have a couple of interviews (well meetings really) tomorrow and I need help.

I’ve designed a new front for my site because the one I have just now is a bit flashy and in the near future I want to attract clients of my own so I designed this new site which can be seen at

My old design can be seen at but I decided to replace this design cause as I say above I don’t think estate agents or car hire places would be impressed by it. Also IE users shouldn’t have problems but Mozilla users will.

If you can help with my problem then please visit my related thread in the Client Side forum at


P.S. The links don’t work yet.

i dig it; much better than your older site. I’d add some text enhancements (link color, making it so it doesn’t look like a ‘block’ of text.) Maybe change your font ?

Your header with some flash interaction in it would look nice too.

Keep up the good work!

I don’t think estate agents or car hire places would be impressed by it.

why especcialy those people? :slight_smile:

That’s who he’s trying to impress :beam:

Will the new site be flash too?

Your old site while not the best design I’ve seen impresses me more than the new one, because it does have some animation and shows me you have more skill then the new one does.

colors on the new one are a lot better. good job.

maybe it’s just me that notices these things, but if you’re trying to look really professional for them, maybe make up an e-mail acct for yourself rather than yahoo (even if it forwards to your yahoo acct).

No your right it is something I’m trying to do but my hosting company are d**ks, it takes about four e-mails for them to reply to enquirys so I am hoping to have this setup before the site goes live.

Thanks guys, the feedbacks good so far…keep it coming :thumb:

depending on who you registered your domain with, you might be able to setup a forwarding e-mail acct real quick through them. i bought through and did that for awhile.

ok an update

first thanks for all your feedback

I’ve decided for the time being not to include Flash in this design. I understand why some of you think I should and I intend to in the future, probably in the top banner, but for now it’s not going in. I take your point EthanM but I don’t think small companies are impressed that much by Flash, I’ll add my current site to the portfolio and, like I say, in the future add some flash to the banner but not now.

mlk, when you say change the font do you mean in the toolbar, header or content. I am going to change the font for the content and mess around with different fonts in the toolbar but I won’t be suprised if I just go with the toolbar as it is now. I am going to use font headers in the text so hopefully that’ll break it up a bit and I’m going to change the layout of the content a bit, but not much.

bwh2, suprisingly my web hosts have acted quickly and hopefully soon I’ll have the new e-mail address fixed, thanks.

the meetings went well, basically I’ve got two companies who want me to work freelance for them…and I’m so excited by it that I’ve decided it’s time to order broadband :thumb:

by the way, this post marks my 1000th here on Kirupa :party: :party: :party: :party:

Congratulations on the work rab :hugegrin:
I like ur flash site more too but maybe i just like water?
O well both are nice sites :smiley:

I definitely like the new site better than the old site. It is definitely more sleek and professional looking.

I’d have to disagree with you about the flash and small companies not being impressed about flash. I work for a company that deals with some of the smallest stingyest(is that even a word? lol) clients you can find sometimes. And they certainly love the animation. It doesn’t have to be super flashy or crazy, but to see movement and slight animations in sites. often I see that they’re like “wow, you can do THAT to MY site?” kinda thing.

If you don’t add flash now, I can understand. But perhaps you should just look towards doing something nice a subtle for the banner. Perhaps some different pictures masked back and forth for the pages, or some nice rollovers, ect.

The only other thing I suggest is to add a picture or something and clean up the way the content looks so it’s not quite so drab looking on that end.

Good job though, I like your style for the site a lot. It’s clean but beautiful!

thanks guys :beer:

I think you shuold move the whole thing down, so that the the main-frame is centered.
and you’ve done a great work. it looks more professional now. Good Job!

I like the new one a lot more. Just too bad it’s not flashy :frowning: I hope it will come later.

What font did you use to the content?